When building your home or redecorating, choosing your flooring is going to be one of the most important elements in giving your home its unique character, look and feel.

Selecting the right flooring fore your home though, is not just as simple as choosing the look you want. There is so much more to take into consideration before you find the right floor for you.

Tip One – Think about the kind of lifestyle you lead before you pick your flooring. An extremely important thing to consider when choosing your flooring is its durability and toughness. If you have a large family and pets, hardwoods may not be the most ideal choice as they are not as durable as most floors and can tend to stain easily as well as being sensitive to water and humidity.

If you want something that is stain resistant and tough then laminates may be a good floor to consider. They have become a very popular choice these days. Many even come warranties for 25 – 40 years to guarantee their durability. Tiles are also good for durability and are easy to clean. Certain types of carpet can be great for durability as well but may be harder to clean.

Tip Two – Make sure you don’t get so caught up in how the flooring looks that you neglect to think about comfort. Carpet is great from children as it is a little more cushioned than other floors. Also take in to consideration the climate you live in. A wood floor may not be the best option if you live in a cold climate as it can get drafty.

Carpets are a better choice for cold climates and you can even consider floor heating. Tiles and Laminate can also be cold although you can put mats over them.

Tip Three – Choosing the right look for your home can be a challenge. Make sure you have an idea of the look and feel you want before choosing your flooring as it can make a massive difference. Hardwood was a popular floor for the wealthy in old times and still has a natural warmth about it that is just exquisite. It has a timeless classic look and there are many different types of hardwood to suit many home styles.

Everything from the regal air of Brazilian cherry to the welcoming warmth and elegance of Maple hardwood. Laminate looks very modern and sleek and ads sophistication and simplicity to any home.

Floor tiles can be of stone, slate, marble, ceramic, wood, linoleum or carpet and are available in a bewildering variety of shapes, sizes, colors and qualities that can be matched with almost any style of home.
An attractive floor matched with interiors of your house can drastically enhance the total look of your home so choose carefully!

Tip Four – One thing you want to know up front is how much cleaning and maintenance your flooring is going to need and how easy it is to clean and maintain. Hardwoods take a little more care. They need careful cleaning and maintenance where as most carpets require minimal care as do laminates and tiles. For rooms that get a lot of family use like kitchen and bathrooms, it is important that floors for these rooms are easy to clean. Linoleum and textured vinyl can be a pain as dirt can accumulate in the crevices and also, tiles with white grout can become stained and dirty looking. If hardwoods are kept in these areas it can be a pain as they don’t cope well with spillages and humidity.