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CSI is established in 1995. We’re not old, we just started early!


Our Story

We are a proud family owned and operated company EST. in 1995. It all started with a small classified ad in the local news paper. With Jim Cadell’s guidance and unwavering persistence, we expanded our borders to encompass Las Vegas, NV in 2007. Our core employees have been with us since day one and years of working as a team has brought us together as a family. Our technicians come from various backgrounds, and this eclectic gathering of experience assures us that our customers are in good hands.


Work ethic is foremost on any project we touch. The vast amount of our projects in the last 25 years have been working directly with homeowners. This invaluable experience goes a long way in alleviating the stress that can come with any remodel. From initial consult to final sign off, we believe communication is key and we will always do our best to ensure our customers understand the installation process step by step. Weather it’s a simple backsplash, or an entire floor renovation, every install deserves the same amount of respect.


We realize that inviting us into your home can be a daunting thought, and we do not take this trust lightly. A solid working relationship between client and technician is paramount and we strive to provide this on every install. We hear all too often of the trials and tribulations property owners have with various contractors. It’s an unfortunate truth in the construction industry and it’s heartbreaking to hear some of the horror stories property owners have had to deal with. This is one of the main reasons we keep our employee base small. The personal touch we pride ourselves on would falter if we took on every contract that came our way. Weather its management or manual labor, all of our technicians are tried and true. Integrity, strong work ethic, and a consistent core of employees are what’s kept us going for 25 years.


Long Lasting Finished Jobs

We specialize in transforming space with various tiles so that you’ll not only be enjoying your newly renovated space for the time that it is being done but also the for the design and functionality that could last for decades. Our workmanship is high quality, you don’t ever have to worry about re-tiling over the same place due to any flaws in the job, (or we will take responsibilities on making it right.)

how we do it


Our boilerplate procedure to working any projects from A-Z is a crucial part for success every time. We respect each customer’s reasons for decisions and we work through each step to make the finish product matching their desires, if not more.

1. Consultation

2. Removal

3. Level & Prep

4. Install

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