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(808) 488-8453

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(808) 423-8453

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4374 Keaka Drive
Honolulu, HI 96818 

Peace Of Mind

We have been laying tiles since 1995 and still plan to be doing it for a long time. Our quality of service and reasonable pricing are the main reasons to our business’s substainbility. All of our employees are skillful, humble, have clear background, can work and drive independently and are non-smokers. You will not have to worry about unscruplous people entering your property with other intentions or doing sloppy jobs. If there’s ever a descrepency, we will take action to rectify any problems.


Long Lasting Renovation

The beauty of traditional and comptempory designs both last for decades. The added protection to your property definately help preserve the integrity of the building structure. When the renovation is done right, you gain better sense of control over your space.


Learn A Lifelong Skill - DIY

Design trends and materials will change overtime but what you learn and gain experience on will be yours to keep for life. Not only you have the opportunity to put your own sweat equity into projects with our experienced mentor, you can use the learned skills to help others, for future projects, and teach younger generations.


Expectation & Communication

Whether you have a simple or complex design you would have your own envision of the fininished job. Once tiles are set they won’t be easy to remove without damage. It is crucial that the tile setter has the same mental picture as yours and can perform accordingly. Our staff have good communication skills and can effectively communicate with you on what’s possible and not, so everyone is on the same page. You want a job that can be done right the first time and last for a long time, so do we.