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Whether we live in a 2,800-square-foot, two-storey in the suburbs or an urban 900 square-foot condo, we all look to maximize our living space — if not physically, at least visually.

Maximizing your space

Space gives us a sense of freedom. It helps us relax and feel good about life! Space helps us stay organized and feel in control. It reduces our stress level.

Make the most of your flooring. Hard-surface flooring has a smooth texture. In a blonde or light-stain finish it can blend into your wall and disguise where the floor ends and the wall begins, increasing the sense of space.

Laminate is a good choice. Make sure the planks are long and show off an extended flow of wood grain. Cork flooring has a multidirectional grain that is perfect for a small space when you want to avoid the lines created by wood flooring planks.
Linoleum is coming back — another multidirectional flooring option that is seamless when laid. The effect is smooth and flowing, once again creating visual space.

The job was a little more labor intensive and took longer than they expected, never once did I hear an utterance of complaint but instead doing whatever possible to make it happen.

– Jenny R.

Jim is very honest and personable, the first time he came to complete an estimate I knew he was the right man for the job.

– Shannon M.

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A Tip For Those Who Want To Build Sweat Equity

(Laminate actually costs less to install compare to other tiles.)


Laminate Installation Process

1. First do a dry run, laying one row of boards with no glue to make sure everything lines up properly.

2. Start in a corner that’s not near the door, if possible. Lay down a row, groove side against the wall, without glue. Put distancing blocks between the boards and the wall.

3. If the wall is uneven you may have to cut the boards to fit it. Make sure to mark on the board exactly where it needs to be cut.


4. After you put the last board in place, use some kind of guide – a level or a 2×4 – to make sure the row is completely straight. Any unevenness can be adjusted with wedges.

5. Pick up all the boards except the corner one in the first row. Put glue on the short side of the board. Seal the end joints tight by pressing the boards together. Wipe off any excess glue promptly. The first two rows must be straight, or it will throw off the entire floor. The end joints must be very tight, too.

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