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If you want to make your home elegant enough not only for you but for your guests, definitely, you will make improvements that can surely give appeal and glow to your home. 

ancient and modern material

Having marble tile flooring can add up to the glow and beauty of your home. 

Marble floor tiles have been used throughout the years due to its unique patterns and colors. It is made up of relatively hard material, but is not as hard as granite. Marble is classified into groups A, B, C, and D, which indicate the fabrication ease based on the quality of hardness. Marble tiles tend to be veined.

The beauty of a marble surface can last an eternity if it is properly maintained. Marble is generally suited for walls, fireplace surrounds and mantles, bathroom vanity tops, and some floors.

More construction had to happen after the tiling, and I was impressed with the careful way they papered over the tile to protect it. It wasn't just thrown over the tile, it was precisely taped to overlap so that it would prevent all the boots, dust, and potential scratches.

– W. R.

There was a level of attention to detail that is unusual. We are very happy with our floor and recommend Ceramic Stile with no hesitation or caveats!

– W. R.

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Your Own “magazine cover” Bathroom 

Those beautiful bathrooms you see in fancy kitchen and bath showroom stores that feature elegant crystal clear glass shower doors, polished fixtures, imported tile and marble always look spotlessly clean. How do they do it?

Well, believe it or not, there is an easy way to keep your bath looking “showroom-perfect” all the time. Best of all, it does not take the employment of a full-time cleaning staff or a huge amount of special effort.

The trick is to squeegee the glass shower doors, tile, marble, and mirrors immediately after bathing, while the surfaces and you are still wet. The procedure takes just seconds and helps you avoid a huge cleanup job later.

The only thing you have to remember to do after squeegeeing is to leave the squeegee in the bath so it is handy to reach the next time you need it.

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