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Even a small piece of quality stonework can make a lot of difference.

Naturally Elegent

Stone can complement virtually any type of interior design or outdoor landscaping.

Natural stones can contribute to traditional and contemporary designs in many ways, from marble wall or floor tiles to limestone windowsills, let alone worktops in the kitchen or bath surrounds and vanity tops in the bathroom. Natural stones also go well with other decorative materials, such as wood or glass.

Stone can beautify aged concrete surfaces such as walkways, steps, garage floors, patios and pool surrounds, as well as resurface that old worn-out kitchen countertop, the possibility is endless.

Competitive prices and I honestly felt like I didn't pay him enough for his services. I am very satisfied with the final results. If you are considering a renovation project you need to give Jim at Ceramic Stile a call.

– shannon m.

Everything was done promptly and as quoted. It was nice to work with someone who saw the potential I did. I couldn't be happier with the results.

– Dawn A.

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Stone Installations


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stone sealing, stone cleaning

The interaction between the crystals of the stone and the many millions of bacteria that live in these pores play a vital role in maintaining the integrity of the stone.

The sealing of stone is quite different to sealing other floor types. When sealing wooden floors for example a protective coat is added to the outside. When sealing stone the pores in the rock , or the spaces between the crystals that make up the rock are filled with the sealant with no trace of the sealant on the outer surface.

Natural stone must be allowed to breathe. What does this mean, because stone does not breathe like we do. Stone is made up of a variety of crystals. Each crystal is made up of different minerals. The minerals that make up the crystallised structure of the stone determine whether it is marble, or limestone or granite. To maintain the integrity of these crystals they must interact with the air and the component parts of the air in particular the oxygen. Hence they must be allowed to breathe. It is also essential that any water that gets into the stone is able to evaporate by moving through these spaces until it reaches the surface and can evaporate.

The best sealers to use are those based on natural products and made up of fatty acids such as soap. These can be applied in the normal cleaning process to top up the seal and clean at the same time. Any excess is washed off with pure water. Most importantly these fatty acids fill the spaces but not in a rock hard manner. Because fat is hydrophobic it repels water stopping it penetrating during any spillage so preventing absorption into the stone and subsequent staining. Being semi hard only it does not stop the natural movement of water through it so it can still escape by evaporation. Most importantly it encourages the bacterial population by providing another source of nutrient and a comfortable environment in which to live and reproduce.

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