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Working On Our Client’s Schedule

We work weekdays, weekends, holidays, day and evening hours. We try to accomadate the property owner’s schedule as much as possible so they don’t need to make special arrangements to be on site or give us access to the properties while missing other work and life obligations.

Who Needs The Gym?

So the job begins at the top and ends where the picture is taken. Who needs an elliptical machine when you have this motivation. 

New On Existing Tile

Quoted this one to demo existing tile. Than came across this product formulated to allow installation of new tile to existing tile. Saved customer on cost and CSIHI the weekend warrior alot of time and labor.


Sing along with CSIHI Its all about the prep bout prep before u install. Its all about the prep bout the prep befor the install


Got the first 200 in Leveling the floor paid off. Looks good.

Complete Job

This was a challenge getting all the dips out if this 500 sq ft lanai. 8×48 porcelain planks. We gotter done Kawiks reaping the benefits of a job well done.

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